ElleCycle Fusion Class

9:31 AM

Have you tried ElleCycle's Fusion Class yet? It is a great combination of the ElleCycle we love and a high intensity circuit workout. You can catch this class at two different times on Tuesday of each week: see schedule here.


The 6:00am ride is a 45 minutes class, which we will spend half of the class on the bike and the other half on our circuit workout.

The 7:15pm ride is a 60 minute class. We will spend twenty minutes on the bike, twenty on our circuit workout, ten on our bike and ten more on our circuit workout.

This class welcome all levels and abilities. Modifications can be made to all exercises on and off the bike. I encourage you to join us sometime - it is the perfect way to mix up your workout, while also getting your ElleCycle fix.

Ride on!

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