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For those who have attended ElleCycle before know what the atmosphere is like: dark room, with just enough illumination to still look fabulous through the sweat as you climb a hill; blaring music that is so good you don't even have time to think about quitting; an awesome squad surrounding you, cheering you on and picking you up when you need it; and finally, you - the all-star, the champion, the conqueror, the ElleCycler.

Each time you step into the cycling room you are sharing this amazing experience with every member of the class. Now wouldn't you just love to share this experience with you family or close friends?! Now, you can! Is family in town? Having a girls weekend? Or, just want a private ElleCycle session for you and your best friends? ElleCycle is now offering private "squad" rides at Point of Fitness. 

Work with Elle to choose a time and date that works for your squad and the facility. Once a date and time is determined, you can choose from a variety of playlists OR, songs to create your own unique playlist. Have a song you are just dying to ride to? Send the song to Elle and we will work it in!

If you are interested in a group ride email JoinUsAtElleCycle@gmail.com - there must be at least five riders and no more than 11. A Squad Ride costs $60.00, are held at Point of Fitness, and can be scheduled by appointment only. Get in touch with Elle for more information!

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