Meet Some of Our ElleCyclers!

Why Do You ElleCycle Lauren D?
"I ElleCycle because it is an intense 45 minute class that is rewarding but also very enjoyable! Elle makes every class energetic and exciting with her selection of music and positive attitude. Her motivation keeps me going, even when I am ready to give up and hear the dreaded words, "three more turns!" I do not live in the area, but I always attend at least one ElleCycle class on my weekends home. I have introduced a few friends to it and they all love it as well! Thanks to ElleCycle, I enjoy working out again!"

Why Do You ElleCycle Jade M?
"I ElleCycle because I want to feel better about myself. I was never a fan of the gym, but ElleCycle gives me a killer workout, without even feeling like I'm working out. I love the playlists, and all the energy from the other cyclers and Elle herself (which I've never met a friendlier group of ladies). Also, being a teacher can be hectic/crazy at times, so going to ElleCycle allows me to focus on myself and block out everything else in my life for the 45 minutes I'm there. It's my little escape from reality. I can't thank Elle enough for introducing me to ElleCycle and changing my attitude towards working out. Since joining, I've never felt better about myself!"

Why Do You ElleCycle Brittany M?
"There are SO MANY reasons why I love ElleCycle! I love that it's a high intensity work out that really gets your heart pounding. I've noticed a huge improvement in my endurance and strength since starting spin. I leave the classes feeling so accomplished! The music, the lights, and the other ladies make ElleCycle the perfect stress reliever at the end of a crazy day or an awesome way to start the day off!"

Why Do You ElleCycle Heather F?
"I love #ElleCycle because it is a fun and motivating atmosphere!! Everyone is so friendly! There are always positive vibes flowing! I have felt like I belong ever since day one. Since starting ElleCycle last April, I now look forward to exercising and have made it a part of my life! I love how weights are incorporated for a full body workout. The 45 minutes fly by in no time! No more dreading the gym thanks to ElleCycle!!"

Why do you ‪‎ElleCycle‬ Andrea R?
I've been going to ElleCycle since before I was pregnant, and everything from the music to the energy of the class always makes me so excited to get to class and workout. Now that I'm in my sixth month of pregnancy, ElleCycle still provides me the same motivation to keep myself active and healthy. I am able to choose how I push myself and modify what I'm doing to my comfort level, but always leave feeling better than when I came in! Pregnant or not, ElleCycle is my favorite way to workout!

Why do you ElleCycle Jodi B.?
"Although I enjoy many different types of workouts indoor cycling has always been a favorite of mine. I know people say how can you enjoy sitting on a stationary bike going nowhere. To which I say come join us @ ElleCycle! Elle's enthusiasm and love for what she does is infectious. She is constantly pushing us to move past our comfort zone. We climb hills, do push-ups, jumps and use weights. It is truly a full body workout. Not to mention her playlists make our 45 minute class fly by (the Biebs on the playlist doesn't hurt either) Come join and see what ElleCycle can do for you!" 

Why do you #ElleCycle Kristin D?
"I didn't realize I had so many reasons until asked this simple question. Of course there's the killer workout, with the jumps, arms, push ups, and sprints...but there's more to this class than those. .. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get every time I complete a class, whether I killed those hills and jumps or they killed me, because either way I walked out stronger than before. I love the people in this class. I've never met friendlier, more supportive people and they help make this class even more enjoyable. I can't forget Elle, her energy is contagious! She lights up the room and motivates us every step of the way. I honestly can't say enough about her or ElleCycle, and am happy to be an ElleCycler!"

Why do you ElleCycle Bri D?
"Sweet and simple. I ElleCycle because it's a great group exercise program and Elle really gets everyone motivated with great music and a great class format. I've always loved indoor cycling, but ElleCycle is the best choice for me!"

Why do you ElleCycle Mary F? 
"It's an awesome way to start your day. After my first class, I had a love/hate relationship with indoor cycling. I never thought I would make it through a class, but I did and I keep coming back for more. It's a great cardio workout implementing hand weights and resistance that keep your heart rate up, while burning those calories!! The motivation of Elle's class and PoF helps me to KEEP MOVING and get fit!"

Why do you ElleCycle Chelsea K?
"ElleCycle because 6 am spin classes get me going in the morning. When I get up early and start my day with a cycle sesh I am so much more productive at my job and my whole day just starts out on a positive note, not to mention who doesn't feel great after a good workout. There's nothing like being in a room at 6 am with a group of women getting our bodies moving to good music and releasing endorphins. I love ElleCycle!"#ElleCycle!"

Why do you ElleCycle Kelly O?
I ElleCycle because I hate exercising! I never expected to make it through Elle's cycling class the first time I came (believe me, it was rough!!) However, I ended up falling in love with it. It changed my lifestyle, and how I feel about fitness. Thanks, Elle for kicking my butt! It has been the greatest decision I could have made. 

Why do you ElleCycle Christy H?
"I started spinning last year at PoF. I had only been going to the noon class on Monday and Thursday evenings when I could. A friend had asked me to go with her at 6 a.m. and I thought she was crazy, but decided I would give it a try. I was hooked after the first class. The energy at 6:00am ElleCycle was amazing and it was just what I needed to get my day started on the right foot. These are not your typical spinning class either, there are weights, pushups, and much more to this girl’s class. I am now going on week four of morning classes and have signed up for her Saturday class as well. If you need motivation, morning energy, and a way to start your day off on the right foot and you are not doing Elle's class, you are missing out!"

Why do you ElleCycle Wendy B?
"I love to start  my day with Elle & her spin class. I may not  always want to get up for a 6:00 am class, but I  am thankful every time I do. See I never, I mean I  never wanted to take spin. I had no interest in  sitting on a stationary bike & pedaling my heart  out, while going nowhere. But, a couple of the girls  from Point of Fitness talked me into it. I started  taking Elle's class & now I am hooked. I am  spinning every chance I get. Who would of have  thunk it! I am a spin junky!!! Thanks Elle! Hi my  name is Wendy, I am addicted to spinning & I absolutely love Elle!!!" 

Why do you ElleCycle Nicole B?
"For the past five years I’ve been an avid runner, and honestly just needed a change. I started spinning at POF in July, and met Elle shortly after. Since then, my mornings have been forever changed. Spinning at 6am gives me the rush I need to face the day. Elle motivates us by constantly changing the routine, incorporating weights, and doing push-ups, yes ‘push-ups’ on a stationary bike. Her upbeat playlists keeps us going 45 minutes strong!
As a working mother of two young boys, ElleCycle allows me the opportunity to complete my workout and clear my mind before facing the challenges of everyday life. ElleCycle is truly my calming, somewhat hypnotic, time of the day."

Why do you ElleCycle Shauna K?
"I tried out PoF with a coworker because I felt it was time to get fit and healthy. I wanted to be a good example for my children. And I fell in love with this place! I do the lunch break classes because it's perfect for me with working full time, 2 young children and lots of evening activities! I decided to try the cycling classes on the weekends, I have never taken a class before or even knew what I was in for. But, I LOVED it and now make this my Saturday and Sunday workout! I love being able to get it done early!! I LOVE the music, excitement, and motivation of ElleCycle and PoF. I don't feel like I am just a member at a gym. I feel like I am part of a family and I love the support we all give to each other! So kudos to ElleCycle and POF for pushing me harder to be better and healthier!"


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