About ElleCycle

ElleCycle (pronounced L-Cycle) offers exhilarating, beat-based indoor cycling rides that allow you to transform your body and have fun doing it. ElleCycle will provide an aerobic workout with strength and toning controlled movements that will have you leaving the gym totally satisfied. Add together this cardio and strength training with music playlists that will surely make you want to bounce out of your saddle and we are talking about one thrilling and joyous ride!

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Whether you are a fitness lover or struggle to find a workout that motivates you, we can promise that ElleCycle will keep you coming back for more. Join us for one ride and you will be hooked. No matter what your skill level, we are confident that you can conquer the challenge! If you are new to our cycling style, walk into our cycling room ready to learn/ride and you’ll leave sweatier, stronger and even more confident than before - all thanks to you and the ElleCyclers you’re surrounded by!

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