The Art of ElleCycle

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*Please watch the first minute of the above video for a briefing*

I have been an a cycling instructor for quite some time now, and until the day I die I will stand by it as an effective and fun workout. I will also be the first to say that while ElleCycle and other forms of indoor cycling are their own form of art, the cycling room is also one of the places I look my absolute worst - in the best way possible. But let’s back up a minute... let me explain myself.

Hopefully you watched the first minute of video above. Let’s be honest. We have all shown up for an ElleCycle class ready to roll. All dressed up in our cute workout outfit and ready to move to the beat of the music perfectly synchronized with every other body in the room. So yeah, you better believe that even I believe I look just like Ariana Grande on that bike: sexy, fit and on point. The music is high the lights are low and as I count out the beats and movements the entire class transitions to target specific muscles. The entire class, including you, are feeling yourself.

But, let’s be honest, again. How many of you have been to an ElleCycle class and/or attended another indoor cycling class? It’s a hot sweaty mess! First, I am not sure how anyone leaves a cycling room untouched with sweat. Or, how someone can leave without messy hair - cycling room + intense workout + body heat = sweat drenched frizzy locks. Personally, I can’t even leave the room without black raccoon eyes from my running makeup. So, it is indeed a hot sweaty, makeup smeared, frazzled hair mess – but it’s the most beautiful one out there. It is an artform. We may not look like Ari and her girlsquad riding in heels BUT we get in there and own it! And, when we are done we walk out of the cycling room feeling like Ari, but with an even better girlsquad walking out with us!

So, let's quickly discuss the beautiful reality of The Art of ElleCycle.

"You arrive early at the gym ready to go. You walk into the gym with your cutest workout fit, water bottle and ElleCycle towel. Confidently you choose your bike, setup your bike and grab your weights. Once situated you saddle up and warm up those legs. Peddling it out in the saddle until class begins. Usually everyone is chatting away about the day they just had or the day ahead of them. When the time comes, the lights are dimmed and the music starts pumping - your heart is pounding, but you and others are ready to go. You are cool, calm and collected as you make it beautifully through the warmup (hair and makeup still intact). The intensity slowly creeps in through the body-warmer and body-pump. You got this. Now the real ride begins. Jumps, push-ups, arms, hovers, hills, sprints you name it, we are tackling it. The smooth transitions make you feel like a ballerina on a dance floor, gliding from one move to the next. The hills make me feel like Rocky climbing the steps in Philly - you make it to the top and you feel like king of the world! Yet, you are dripping in sweat in areas you didn't know you had, your now messy bun is flopping around in your eyes, mouth and armpits and you can feel the make up rolling down your face. It's not pretty, but it is SO good. The best part about the struggle - you are surrounding by a squad that is right there with you. As the ride comes to an end, you cool down, stretch it out and walk out of the cycling room sweatier and messier than ever, but stronger and more beautiful than before"
What you can accomplish in the cycling room in 45 minutes is a beautiful thing. Maybe not as sensual, as provocative or in high-heels like Ariana Grande - but the magic and the art of ElleCycle that we portray in a 45 minute ride is enough to make you feel, look and act like a queen. 

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