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Hey friends, Elle here!

So what's the real deal with ElleCycle? It started and continues to be a beat-based indoor cycling ride that allows you to tone your muscles and ride/dance for a full body workout, and for some it may be just that. However, for others it is much more. For me, what started as an intriguing workout platform has grown to be something so much more. I didn't realize the impact it's had on my life until I sat down to reflect how important it really is.

We are coming up on ElleCycle's one year anniversary and the changes it has made in my life are simply phenomenal. Over the past year I have been tested physically, mentally and emotionally, which made me grow as a person in each of those areas - and that is what life is all about right? I know I am only 23 and have a whole heck of a lot of life left to live and lessons to learn, but the strides I have made in the last 365 days have shown me who I can be and what I can accomplish. As women and men, we battle through tough times at work, with family/friends, during workouts and in life in general, but the point is, is that we battle through it all and get stronger by doing it. Kind of like pushing through that last hill in an ElleCycle class if you think about it.

Many enter the cycling room apprehensive about their first ride. I explain the positions, the movements and I map out how the ride should go... kind of like we often do with our life right? However, on the first, second, third and up to the 100th ride, it may not always go as planned. Just like life. But hey... like I said, that's what it's is all about right? If my life would have been a walk through the park thus far I wouldn't have found what I love, be doing what I love, or surrounded by those I love - and that's exactly where I want to be. Happy.

It's about being a girlboss/guyboss. It's about battling through every day (and every ride) no matter how easy or hard it may be. It's about surrounding yourself with those who push you and make you better, or battling just a tad harder if you are forced to be around those who don't. And most importantly, it's about strength and growth. Whether you are 17 or 73, whether this is your first ride or you 80th, you fight, you ride and you grow!

It's easy to stay in our comfort zone. It's easy to make excuses. It's even easier to complain. But if you step up to life (or the bike) and are willing to fight through whatever may come your way you will become the girlboss, guyboss or ElleCycler you were meant to be.

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