10 Strategies For A Highly Effective ElleCycle Experience

9:39 PM

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early. Arriving early to class will give you ample time to set up your bike, ask any questions you may have, grab your weights and get situated on the bike. This will also allow you to warm your legs up before class gets started.
  2. Keep an open mind. Whether you are a first time rider or a dedicated ElleCycler, walking in to each class with an open mind will set you up for success. This isn't your normal cycling class, but we are here to challenge ourself and our bodies to see overall improvements to our mind, body and soul.
  3. Drink water. Pre-ElleCycle, during ElleCycle and post-ElleCycle are all recommended times to drink water. Water is important to stay hydrated, lubricate your muscles and tendons, and provide your body with energy. 
  4. Smile. We encourage all ElleCyclers to enter the cycling room with a positive attitude and smile on their face. Are you nervous for your first ride? No need to be! We have all been there and all understand the caution to saddling up on your first bike and the amazing soreness you'll feel after completing your first ride. Feeling discouraged? You better believe that Elle and other ElleCyclers will be in class to pick you up and pass on the energy necessary for an effective ride.
  5. Express any concerns you may have. Providing a safe and welcoming environment is key to ElleCycle and individual success. The most important aspect of ElleCycle is to provide safe and effective rides. Making sure your bike is fitted properly is key to a safe and effective ride, along with understanding the movements and hand positions for various rides. No matter what the location, the ElleCycle environment is high-energy and supportive one! We lean on and pick one another up - only you can control your bike, but ElleCycle rides are conquered as a team!
  6. Support fellow ElleCyclers. ElleCycle would be nothing without the ElleCyclers that you are surrounded. Like mentioned above, ElleCycle rides are conquered together. We cheer each other on, we rise to the occasion and as one ElleCycle tribe we conquer tough rides together!
  7. Embrace discomfort. We are here to challenge and see our bodies improve - none of this would be possible without a challenge. And, when it comes to ElleCycle no challenege can occur without at least a little discomfort. We will be moving our bodies in ways you may never expected to move, you may be sore in areas you didn't know existed, you may climb a hill on a stationary bike that you never thought could be simulated. No matter what the case, challenge and discomfort are expected and to be embraced in order to grow! **If at any time you ever feel a painful discomfort, we ask that you reduce resistance or back down from that specific level of exertion.
  8. Sing along!  One of the best parts of ElleCycle are the music playlists. From our everyday banging playlists, to themed rides like #ElleCycleCountryRide or #ElleCycleBieberRide, our playlists will make you want to ride your heart out and sing every word along the way. This is something we do indeed encourage!
  9. Bring a towel and sweat! Expect to sweat. We will push it to the limit for the most effective workout possible on a stationary bike. The more sweat the better. You'll leave an ElleCycle classes drenched in sweat that was worked for each and every minute of class. You may not be leaving as cute as you came, but you will be leaving feeling a whole lot better.
  10. Have fun! Next to safety, this is what we value most. We understand that group fitness classes can be daunting, along with getting your fitness journey started. We will always encourage new and old riders - and promise an energetic and fun environment. The key to an effective workout regimen is one that keeps you coming back for more. ElleCycle will provide a new challenge and a great deal of fun everytime you saddle up!

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